It is best to think of us as Retirement Planning Architects

When we first started out in 2008 we were your average, typical investment firm.

But over the years, as we listened closely to our clients, it became obvious to us that portfolio management, while important, did not address the other financial concerns they faced going into retirement. You know, the kind of thoughts that were keeping them up at night.

The Sequential FORMula

So, to address our clients’ concerns, we completely reinvented the Firm. We rolled up our sleeves and developed a proprietary, step-by-step comprehensive financial planning process we call: The Sequential FORMula.

We now use each step of The Sequential Formula to draft custom retirement blueprints for all our clients and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thanks to The Sequential FORMula our clients now feel better informed and are more confident in their financial decisions and retirement future. So, understand we do not just focus on investments; rather it is the “planning architecture” that we provide through our Sequential FORMula Process that makes such a difference in our client’s lives.