Strategic Financial Group is also uniquely positioned with our investment management process.

While most firms have outsourced their investments to mutual fund companies and third-party money managers, we have taken a more hands-on approach. We have the experience and expertise to offer our clients true in-house management of their assets through our proprietary Enhanced Rebal process.

Not only does this structure cut out an entire layer of outside fees, but it also allows us to communicate more closely with our clients regarding the purpose, performance and process of their hard-earned investments. We steer clear of proprietary and expensive investment products that may create a conflict of interest. Instead, Enhanced Rebal utilizes low-cost index funds in order to strike a unique tone between “buy and hold” and "tactical" investing that other local firms aren’t willing or able to do.

Strategic Financial Group manages multiple strategies from conservative through aggressive risk objectives. A secondary objective is employed that seeks to take advantage of shorter-term market opportunities while staying within specified guidelines. This objective is accomplished through our Enhanced Rebal process that is infused into the portfolio strategy. Enhanced Rebal is a disciplined, strategic process that shifts assets between equities and fixed income. We continuously monitor each portfolio to seek an opportunistic rebalance that will take advantage of market conditions. The Enhanced Rebal allocation can be overweight, neutral, or underweight toward equities.

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